Welcome to Kabale Municipality Development Foundation.

Kabale Municipality Development Foundation (KMDF) was created in 2010 by two Entrepreneurs-Ms. Mable Tumuheise and Ms. Phionah Kasule with a major aim of improving social and economic well being of the urban poor. The two Entrepreneurs established KMDF as a small a community based organization in 2010 with operations in one division of the municipality and later expanded and now KMDF operations are in all the 3 divisions of the Municipality, covering 12 parishes and 72 villages (local communities)

In 2015, KMDF was incorporated and registered by the Government of Uganda/ Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs as a Company Limited by Guarantee and without Share Capital.

KMDF enterprises and those it supports seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. Profits from these enterprises are re-invested to fund social and economic programmes rather than funding payouts to shareholders.

Our Strategic Objectives.

  • To support Poverty Reduction programmes and projects focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty for people living in Kabale Municipality. Working with communities in all the 74 villages in Kabale Municipality, we shall create employment opportunities; improve income security and work to end lawlessness among the Youth.
  • To promote Social Justice and promote fair distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within society.
  • To promote Good Governance that will ensure that scarce resources of society are utilized effectively in support of the urban poor. Good Governance give confidence to investors that the money they invest are safe from improper expropriation which is a necessary condition for a society to ensure sustained economic growth. Eradicating poverty will not be possible without high and sustained growth that generates productive jobs and brings benefits across society. KMDF will support efforts that will grant voice to the urban poor regarding design and implementation of service programmes as well as, providing opportunities for their participation in the implementation of such programmes.

Our Strategic Programs

Poverty Reduction Program

Working with communities in all the 74 villages in Kabale Municipality, KMDF will create employment opportunities; improve income security and work to end lawlessness among the Youth. Lack of access to credit increases the vulnerability of the urban poor by constraining their ability to improve their homes, their work, and to start new businesses.

Access to Justice Program

KMDF research shows that only 22% of vulnerable people in Kabale Municipality understand their legal rights and government entitlements. This means that countless women and men are unaware of their rights under the law. Improving access to justice for low-income communities is often a low priority item on the agenda of Uganda.

Good Governance Program

Good governance is about the processes for making and implementing decisions. People should be able to follow and understand the decision-making process and be able to clearly see how and why a decision was made. Transparent decision-making mechanisms at the municipal level ensure that urban populations gain the effective public services they need.

Sustainable Food Program

The Sustainable Food Program by KMDF can be an example to other Cities because, the success of this initiative will inspire other Cities in Uganda and Abroad to adopt the same integrated approaches of making food systems or chains in their Cities more sustainable. KMDF through the Sustainable Food Forum organizes Annual learning events like local food festivals.

Land Law Program

The Land Law Project aims at securing Land Tenure for the Urban Poor in Kabale Municipality. The urban poor often do not own the land they occupy or have titles and certificates that are needed for secure Tenure. As the urban population is growing fast and the undeveloped land available for use is decreasing, the need for secure tenure is increasingly being recognized.

Community Forums Program

KMDF organizes different groups of people in community forums which are aimed at collectively solving problems faced by these different groups of people by leveraging their collective strength and resouce pool. This makes it very easy for these groups of people to support their communities and initiate the development and improvement of their livelihoods.