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Kabale Municipality Development Foundation (KMDF) was created following election violence that marred Primary elections for the members of Parliament for National Resistance Movement. KMDF was established with the major aim of addressing the escalating poverty levels among the urban poor in Kabale Municipality.


Strategic Objectives
  1. To support Poverty Reduction programmes and projects focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty for people living in Kabale Municipality. Working with communities in all the 74 villages in Kabale Municipality, we shall create employment opportunities; improve income security and work to end lawlessness among the Youth.

  2. To promote access to Justice and empower citizens to seek and obtain a remedy through formal or informal institutions of justice for grievances in compliance with human rights standards.

  3. To promote Good Governance by supporting efforts for empowering citizens in Kabale Municipality to demand for good governance. This will be done through engaging citizens against corruption and other governance weaknesses through activities comprising access to information about service entitlements and standards prescribed by the law, granting voice to beneficiaries regarding design and implementation of service programs, providing grievance redress mechanisms and citizens with tools and access to demand accountability from service providers e.g. third party monitoring, public hearings, social audits etc.
Specific Objectives
  1. To effectively represent people of Kabale Municipality and be their voice without being compromised.
  2. To promote democratic governance.

  3. To a Development Fund to support development Programmes and Projects in Kabale Municipality.

  4. To establish a revolving Fund that will provide free interest loans to enable Citizens in Kabale Municipality start income generating projects.

  5. To establish a legal aid clinic with a team of Lawyers who will provide free legal services to all those with land and other cases and those whose rights are abused as a way of promoting access to Justice.

  6. To support information campaigns to educate citizens on Ugandan Laws, Poverty Reduction, good governance, respect for human rights and ensure that citizens are aware of their rights and development opportunities available to them.

  7. To lobby for funds from Development Partners to support development programmes and projects in all the Parishes of Kabale Municipality.

  8. To establish partnerships with local governments, civil society organizations, the Private Sector and development partners to support development programmes in all the Parishes of Kabale Municipality.

  9. To independent planning and Development Committees at the Village, Parish, Division and Constituency levels which will support me in indentifying needs and priorities of electorates as well as in implementing development Programmes and projects in Kabale Municipality

Our Address

Kabale Municipality Development Foundation
Association House
Plot 6 Bwankosya Road, Kabale (Uganda)
P.O Box, 264, Kabale.
Tel: +256-773-444-665
Fax: +25648623201

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Our support Hotline is available 24 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

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Sunday: Closed

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